Course: Programming in C Language:


  1. Introduction to Computers and Programming Languages.
  2. Programming Logic Formation and Techniques (Flowcharts and Algorithms).
  3. Basic Syntax, Data Types, Variables, Constants, Operators.
  4. Decision Making (IF Structures and Switch Block), Loops (While, Do While, For).
  5. Functions and Modular Programming.
  6. Arrays, Pointers, Strings, Memory Management.
  7. Structures, Unions and Bit Fields, Memory Alignment and Padding.
  8. Types and Segments of Memory, Storage Classes, Scope Rules and Life of Variable.
  9. Input & Output, File I/O.
  10. Preprocessors, Header Files, Macros, Multi File application development and Various Stages of Building an Application.
  11. Misc. topics like Typedef, Type Casting, Error Handling, Recursion, Variable Arguments, Command Line Arguments.

Duration: 45 hours Theory, 90 hours Practical (Recommended)

  1. C Programming Interview Questions
  2. C Programming Online Quiz
  3. C Programming Online Test
  4. C Programming Mock Test